I am enough

For sometime, I thought abundance was about more. More joy. More money. More of whatever it was I desired. This worked for me for quiet a while. And there was joy. There was money. There were lots of things. It was fun and fabulous and I thought I was deliriously happy. This line of thinking worked for me, until it didn't. Looking back, I realise it was always destined to come to a crashing halt.

This lesson was a big one and an important part of my journey in awakening abundance. After all these years, I thought the struggle was over and I had landed in the place of abundance. But, of course, the universe was just playing with me.

When things changed suddenly and I struggled to find joy, I wondered what had happened. I was confused and perplexed. This, of course, led to some deep thought and quiet reflection. Some inward exploration through my meditation practice. 

And the wisdom arrived.

I suddenly became aware what abundance was all about. Suddenly it was so obvious. So simple. I had an Aha! moment, when I realised 'abundance is enough'. It has always been enough. It is always enough. Because that is the very essence, the very nature of abundance. It is not about more. It never was. It is about simply being enough. Not seeking. Simply being.

And then it dawned on me: 'I am enough'.

I am enough. These three words are at the centre of abundance.

They are at the core of abundance, and, therefore, these words are at the core of each and every one of us. Because, as Gabby Bernstein says, 'Abundance is an inside job.' And how right she is. 

Suddenly, I could see the beautiful children of Cambodia, in a small village in Siem Reap, who I visited in 2016 on a school service trip. Their smiles were enormous. They embodied joy as they danced around me as I played the ukulele. Their eyes big and full of love. They were always so happy.

The Australian students who were with me on this trip, often asked me how these Cambodian children with so much less in terms of comfort and material things than us, seemed to have a richness inside them, a deep joy far beyond what we experience.

As the wisdom 'I am enough' settled into my bones recently, I understood for the first time the richness these Cambodian children carried. If I had known back then what I know now, I would have answered the question with the beautiful words of Deepak Chopra. 'When I am enough, the world is enough.'

Abundance is a state of awareness. Abundance is state of being. When we awaken to abundance, we awaken to ourselves, and discover the bliss of it all.


My beautiful Aha! moment would not have occurred without the deep conversations with Financial Wellbeing Coach, Mel Forester . A beautiful nurturing soul, she has gently listened as I opened my heart to abundance, and in turn, opened my heart to the truth of me. If you are ready for more abundance in your life, you are invited to join Mel and me at Awakening Abundance - a day retreat at the beautiful Peninsula Hot Springs. Begin or further your journey with abundance. Welcome or strengthen the truth of your abundance through ritual, mindfulness, story, dialogue and practice. Together we will dive into a day filled with learning and laughter.  

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