Hello and welcome.

I am Kristina Garla. I am a meditation teacher, writer, speaker and certified Wayapa® practitioner and rebirthing breathwork facilitator.

Meditation, writing, rebirthing breathwork and Wayapa are beautiful practices cultivating peace, harmony and love. These practices do so using the gifts we are all born with. Breath. Imagination. Memory.

You already have everything you need to nurture peace within and around you; to create harmony in your body; and foster compassion and service to yourself and others.

I hold space for people to heal through meditation, breathwork, movement and storytelling. Working with individuals, groups, communities, schools and workplaces, my goal is to foster wellness in the world. I run a weekly online meditation class, regular community circles, as well as special meditation events and immersion classes.I also publish my writing on my blog and have shared my insights through speaking and writing engagements with Mayo Clinic, The Garden, Conversational Alchemy and SheDefined.

Individual appointments, group bookings, writing commissions and speaking engagements can be arranged by emailing me at hello@kristinagarla.com

I love the healing power we have within us, and I look forward to meeting you.