Awakening abundance

I have been on a journey. It started with my relationship with money and has led to a connection with abundance. My trusted companions on this incredible voyage have been awareness, gratefulness and curiosity. 

Since the beginning of this journey to now, I have experienced things and realised beautiful adventures I have dreamt of doing for a long time. And I have felt a fullness in my heart like never before.  All from simply working on aligning my energy with that of abundance. 

What I have discovered on this journey is: when I am grounded and connected to nature, honouring my desires and creativity, when my heart is open and I speak my truth, visualise my story and connect to the oneness of the world, I am aligned to the energy of abundance and there are infinite possibilities and endless fulfilment. 

Even in the face of hardship. Especially in the face of hardship. Because difficult things happen in life. Challenges are thrown up all the time. And this is when I have been most grateful for my awareness and connection to abundance.

Like bees transforming poison into nectar, abundance allows us to find the sweetness in life, even in the most difficult of situations.

Abundance comes from within. Its energy source is in all of us. It comes from the inside, but expands outwards, filling not only the spaces in our bodies and hearts, but also the spaces between each of us. Abundance connects us. It is the key ingredient for oneness and wholeness in our world.

Meditation and conversation have been extremely important pit stops on this journey of awakening abundance. They often occur when the path I am travelling splits into different directions. Through meditation I practise the art of being in simple awareness. Being exactly where I am meant to be right now. In this moment. Letting whatever is occurring to unfold. Embracing equanimity. Cultivating the witness and being in simple awareness have both been such important companions. And I would never have awoken abundance without them.

As I have walked the path to lay under the open desert night sky admiring the richness of the world, watching for a falling star to grace us, abundance has found me. Not as a magical essence floating across the sand, but as an awakening within me. 

What I discovered is abundance was slumbering somewhere deep down inside of me, perhaps in the bottom of my toes. As I walked the Larapinta, the abundance within me tingled in the soles of my feet. As I felt the beautiful Thailand sand beneath me, abundance began to awaken and moved to settle in my belly. When I swam in the beautiful waterfalls near Lennox Head, abundance reached my heart. And in Japan, abundance fed my soul with laughter and memories, which will rest within me for an eternity.

Abundance begets abundance. It has a compounding effect. For that I am very grateful. What happens when you align yourself with abundance? Strangers randomly smile at you, opportunities turn up, the world shines a little brighter and you realise the possibilities are endless. I have come to understand abundance as the key to self-esteem and building resilience, alongside fostering compassion for others and the creation of a connected community.

During this journey I have met some amazing people and made new life-long friends, old wounds have healed and I discovered the wisdom of death, among the pain of loss. 

I have discovered abundance. It is a lightness of being, which opens you to the wholeness of life.


My conversations along this path have been with Financial Wellbeing Coach, the fabulous Mel Forester . It has been such a joy awakening abundance with her guidance. If you are ready for more abundance in your life, you are invited to join Mel and me at Awakening Abundance - a day retreat at the beautiful Peninsula Hot Springs. Begin or further your journey with abundance. Welcome or strengthen the truth of your abundance through ritual, mindfulness, story, dialogue and practice. Together we will dive into a day filled with learning and laughter.  

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