The wisdom of death

What is death but the breath of life.

Death is perhaps one of our greatest teachers. It gives great clarity to what is important. It has a way of putting things into perspective. Death teaches us the infinite value of creating moments, and being in the moment. Being present.

We are reminded, through death, to cherish our loved ones. And we experience, through grief, the limitless nature of our love. Death is a transformation. An awakening. For everyone involved.

Death teaches us not to sweat the small stuff. To be kind. It enables us to lean into the wonder and awe of life. To appreciate and be grateful for all we have. To pause. To listen closely to the song of the magpie. To watch the dance of the leaves in the wind. To look each other in the eye. And sigh.

Through death we come to know the fragility of now. The impermanence of form. The delicate nature of our very being. Death is the exhale to our inhale. It is the breath of life. It is what connects us to the joy of living this incarnation. The fullness of beauty.

Death is also loss and heartache. Death is a gathering of love in your heart. A deeply personal experience. It means whatever it means to you. 

The stars which shine in the night sky are glittering deaths, of another time. Like some stars, death is an expansion and swallowing of planets. For others, a titanic explosion. A supernova. A luminosity landing in our hearts. An intrinsic brightness. A celestial radiance, which never ends.

Death is organic motion. Decaying leaves giving birth to a blossoming tree. A weaving of wisdom in our hearts is death, a reminder that we are never separated, we are always together every time we breathe.

In loving memory of Kellie. Forever woven into our hearts.

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So beautifully written in memory of Kellie.

Tanja April 08, 2023

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