Sculptor of the Heart

When your heart breaks open and falls to the ground in tiny pieces, the sculptor of the heart comes and gently gathers them. She picks up the bigger pieces first and with great care she cleans them of any debris. This sculptor will painstakingly collect each piece, making sure even the tiniest of fragments are not missed.

She will place them on a beautiful velvet cloth and then she will begin her work. Piecing your heart back together. Reshaping your heart. For it is never the same as before, once it has fallen to the ground.

It may take years for her to finish placing and bonding the pieces. Sometimes as she is working the heart falls again, and she has to start her work once more from the very beginning. She does not complain. She simply squats down and lovingly picks up the pieces as she has before. 

Other times, she may have no pieces remaining on her velvet cloth, and yet your heart has a gaping hole. She returns to the raw depths of sorrow and searches. If found, she will restore the piece, if not found, she will work with time and love, perhaps finding fragments of heart others have discarded or donated, to refashion this part of yours. So it is protected from the elements. 

This newly sculptured heart of yours is stronger in places, weaker in others. It may be a little more open or have patches here and there, where it did not before.

Regardless, this newly sculptured heart of yours will beat a strong rhythm into the world. A rhythm of knowingness. To know love and loss.

The work of the sculptor of the heart is never done. She will return daily or occasionally, whatever timeframe is needed, to tend to your heart. Reinstating pieces that have come loose. Bonding together pieces that have pulled apart. 

This sculptor of the heart, who serves you with unwavering commitment, has a name. Her name is Grief.

Written with grief for beautiful Georgie. 28.05.03 - 21.08.23. Her work is done. Ours has just begun.

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