Trusting in love

I trust in love. My love. In the love of those who see me for who I am. Right now. In this moment. I trust in love to show me the way forward. My body surrenders to the love of others and Mother Earth. For they are always there. Holding me. Guiding me. Believing in what is yet to come. 

As I sit, beneath a blanket of brilliant blue sky, the sun warming my back, my toes resting on the carpet of soft warm grass, I reflect on the year gone by. And I smile. From deep in my heart. All the way to the corners of my mouth and beyond. Up the side of my face. To my temples. The joy radiates around me. I am a walking bundle of smiles. 

For me, this year, 2021, has been about surrender, trust and love. I have allowed myself to be seen. To be believed in. To be truly loved. Loved by me and those around me. This year, I surrendered to the process of life. I trusted in life. And it has been the most liberating and soul-satisfying experience. 

It started with me investing in me. I believed in my dreams and signed up for courses that made my heart sing. Wayapa Wuurrk, a beautiful earth connection practice based in Indigenous knowledge awakened my body. A movement practice, I dance to the rising sun every morning. A beautiful gift I have shared with my community. My heart bursting in their delight of this new-found connection to themselves and our beautiful earth. The joy in discovering we are nature, and, therefore, just as awe-inspiring. The comfort in knowing Mother Earth is there for us and she feels our gratitude. 

Then came Rebirthing Breathwork. A profound embodiment practice, which has changed me from the inside out. Shown me the power of our breath. Of what we have inside us. It brought to the surface the knowledge I needed. That it was never about the truth, but about forgiveness. Unconditional forgiveness. I will be eternally grateful for this gift. For my breath bringing this knowing to me, for me to sit with, and appreciate. For me to welcome the uplifting changes it provides in the way I see the world, in the way I laugh and love. For the healing. For the freedom.

My meditation practice held me steady all year. Despite the turmoil and division in the world, meditation allowed me to sit comfortably with my decisions. To view the action of others with compassion. And to share the healing nature of meditation with those around me, my family, friends and my meditation community.

After investing in me, and the joy of it all, it was time to let go of me. To allow what I had built over two years to dissolve. To discover what might show up when you surrender to love and find the courage to bare your soul. To come out of hiding. To trust in the belief of others. 

My dear friend Amy of @saintgertrude held my hand as she gently guided me along the path of rediscovery. Of finding a new way to express myself and share my gifts with the world. 

The end result is this beautiful website. This place you find yourself right now. It is inspired by the awe within and around us. By nature. By the nature of ourselves.

It is a beautiful artefact carved by the heartbeat of friendship. Crafted by the talent of an amazing human. A dear friend who sees and believes in me. Who looks into my eyes, with kindness and laughter and says, hello dear one. She sees the nature in me. Her words, resonating right in the middle of my soul. And then, suddenly, as the sun winks at the earth, I am alive. 


Kristina, so true to you, yourself and your long term goals. Inspiring to read 2 years on from Attention Gym.

Janice Harrison January 26, 2022

How beautifully you express your journey into love and the practise of forgiveness and coming home to yourself. This website is a love offering. Thank you

Agatha Bottaro January 26, 2022

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