The song of abundance

Every day I am re-born through my morning Wayapa.

As I sit with my eyes closed and my bare feet resting on the grass, the sun warming my eyelids and cheeks, the magpies are singing. It is their song of abundance. A song of love. A melody to honour Mother Earth. To thank her, with grace and gratitude, for all she has to offer. For her breath, which carries them in flight. For the sunshine warming their feathers. For the rain, which gently cleans their souls. For the worms, which feed them.

As I gently blink open my eyes and observe them, I realise with great clarity, that these feathered creatures of the sky, trees and land, exist in the reality of abundance. It is not a thought, a belief or an idea. It is a state of being. They do not fight each other for patches of grass. They simply move around each other, plucking the worms from the earth as they find them.

As I stand to practice Wayapa facing the sun, I feel the coolness of the memory of rain from the night before in the grass under the soles of my feet. It is refreshing and comforting. The miniature raindrops held in the blades of grass, yet to be invited into the clouds by the sunshine, are nourishing.

I lift my arms to honour and acknowledge the creator energy above. I move through the movement, connecting to the earth as the palms of my hands draw the energy into my heart. I feel the cycles of the sun and moon moving within me. I feel the horizon, deserts and mountains from my backyard. As my hands rub fire and I bend towards the ground, I am astonished that between my feet is an abundance of worms, dancing between the grass and the dirt. Sung to the surface by the call of the magpie.

It is a plentiful feast. And the knowledge of an endless supply of worms for these potbellied magpies lands gently in my heart. I smile into the clouds above as my hands bow to the rain and my body moves like the wind. Swaying and bending as it needs. There is an abundance of love and light. The sunshine holds me so I will grow with warmth in my heart, light in my eyes and moving hands.

I breathe with the trees, and stretch out my arms and bend my legs, twisting my torso, I see the world anew. It is now the magpies turn to watch me. They observe my movement and when I honour a time to rest. Memory curves my body before I throw out my nets, my arms becoming the waves of water. I gather fruit into my arms before awakening the child within me to dance in water and sunshine.

As I close my eyes. Facing the sun and the sky. Feeling the damp grass beneath my feet. I feel the awakening of my ancestors inside me holding hands with the child within me. I lift my head imagining the water droplets from the river of life gently landing on my cheeks.

The magpies sing their song of abundance at my feet, my heart joins in. It is a beautiful harmony. A song of abundance we sing together, to honour the beginning of a new day.

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