Meditation coaching is suitable if you are interested in beginning your meditation journey, if you want to deepen your practice, understand the philosophy behind meditation, integrate meditation more fully into your life, or to use meditation as a complementary healing tool, to overcome a particular challenge or enrich a part of your life. 

The first session provides an opportunity for you to share what has led you to want to explore meditation, what you are looking for in your practices and any other relevant information which will help me design a program specifically for you. We will also talk through some of the principles of meditation and do some practices. 

My philosophy is meditation is a beautiful practice we can do formally at a set time, but it is also a practice we can integrate into our daily lives. Therefore, I work with you on techniques you can use in both these settings.

These sessions incorporate a variety of meditation techniques alongside breathwork, grounding and earth connection, Wayapa, somatic journalling and intuitive healing practices where relevant.

Please purchase your discovery session or contact me for more information. I will be in touch to arrange a suitable time, if one is not already confirmed for pre-ordered sessions.