Flourish and Thrive


The demands placed on people today are ever-increasing and burnout has unfortunately become a glaring issue that cannot be ignored. This is particularly true for women who often take on the role of carer in their professional and personal lives. The impact being significant for those in professional caring roles, such as nursing, early education and teaching. 

Who this workshop is for:

This workshop is a full day retreat in a yoga studio for women who want to flourish and thrive. If you are experiencing burnout, want to avoid burnout or you want to know how to burn bright, this would be the workshop for you!

In this workshop, together we will:

  • uncover what creates fatigue for women (eg. menopausal fatigue, compassion exhaustion, caregiver burnout, sleep debt, etc,.)
  • discover the key ways to improve your energy
  • explore ways to avoid the overwhelm that comes during the busy seasons in the year
  • experience and establish rituals for optimal mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health
  • work with core beliefs to support your wellbeing
  • begin to cultivate the practice of mindfulness and how to create mindful moments in your day
  • create community by connecting with like-minded people, forming new connections within a supportive group of women.

Female fatigue, extreme tiredness experienced by women, is real. Women are thirty percent more likely to experience burnout than men.

Please join Burnout Expert Paige Tan alongside Meditation and Mindfulness Coach, Kristina Garla for an afternoon full of practical ways to bring awareness to the things in your life draining your energy, clarity in how to cultivate wellbeing and manage overwhelm. Cultivate your happiness through the beautiful practice of ritual and mindfulness.

This will be an in-person event in Melbourne, Victoria. This will be a small, intimate workshop and numbers will be limited.

For expressions of interest please reach out and connect.