A Meditation Membership Bundle provides convenient, discounted access to all Term 3 classes, valued at $350.

This includes:

All 9 Monday Meditation classes

Monday 11 July - Monday 12 September (no class on Monday 8 August)
7:45pm on Zoom

These online classes run for approximately 45 minutes, and each class covers a mixture of meditation techniques: Yin Meditation, Somatic Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Yin Dreaming, Smiling Meditation, Archetypal Meditation and Breath Meditation, inspired by Ancient Tibetan practices.

All 6 Beautiful Breathwork sessions

Wednesday 20 July - Wednesday 31 July (no class on Wednesday 10 August)
6:16am on Zoom

Join me over six consecutive weeks for a beautiful Wednesday morning breathwork practise, and explore the power of pranayama and somatic breathing.

A special Journalling from the Body workshop at the end of term.

Wednesday 7 September
7:30pm on Zoom

Writing is often experienced in the mind. Somatic writing initiates in the body. Free from the expectations of rules and structure, you write intuitively and tap into the deep wisdom and knowing within, giving expression to the stories the world holds.